Maternity maxi dress turned fun and flowy summer number

So I found this huge dress at a thrift shop, for about €5,-:


It looks almost black but it’s a deep navy and the flowers are white.

I really liked the fabric, so I figured that even if I wouldn’t be able to make a decently fitting dress out of it I’d always be able to do something with it. But after close inspection I kinda fell in love. There’s some really cute pleating in the front:


So for starters, I just cut off a bit from the bottom:


Then I had to take it in a little. I wanted to just take in the side seams but the dress has pockets (pockets!) and I really want to keep them, so I decided to make some bust darts and make an extra pleat on the back. I used a belt to pin the darts and pleat into place but unfortunately I broke my one and only needle as I was hemming the bottom 😦

I still wore it to a Lana Del Rey concert yesterday, and I just used the belt to cinch the waist.


All in all, it’s not a spectacular refashion, but the first I can share up here 🙂


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