Pinterest inspired jeans vest

I bought a black maxi skirt last week and am absolutely in love with it. I don’t think I ever owned a more comfortable skirt. I want to wear it ALL THE TIME but I wasn’t really sure how to match it. Sooo I got onto Pinterest and got inspired. I realised I needed a jeans vest.

I was going to go to the thrift shop today and see if I could find anything refashionable, but then my mom, unaware of my plans, gave me this to actually take to the thrift shop:

Ethel was not pleased, she thought the shirt was hideous.

Ethel was not pleased, she thought the shirt was hideous.

Needless to say, I decided to fiddle around with this for a bit instead of going to the thrift shop.

Firstly, I bought new needles (remember the sad ending of my previous post?):



I did some scissor work first. The sleeves had to go:

The sleeves had to go

And some of the length:


Then, things got complicated. For me, anyways 😉 The shirt was far too large for me, so the shoulder bits sort of hung over my arms like badly fitting cap sleeves and I wasn’t sure how to fix that, so I did a little experiment:



I cut out the side seams, folded it down the middle:


…and sort of drew a new shape into it, then cut off the leftover fabric. I cut off more later since the shoulder bits were still a bit wide but I didn’t take any photos of that – I basically used the same method anyway 🙂

Then there was a lot of seaming and swearing and eventually it looked like this:

Almost there...

And I hadn’t even done the arm hole seams yet! 

When I tried it on, I still wasn’t too happy with it, so I snipped off some more from the bottom. Eventuallly, it turned out like this:


I”m actually really pleased with how it turned out! Even Ethel wanted to try it on again:

She looks hot, doesn't she?!

She looks hot, doesn’t she?!

It’s still a little clean-looking and I really like the worn-out look so I might bleach it up a bit later, but for now, I’m happy 😀


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