Day 1 of the Outfit Challenge

Last week I was cleaning out my wardrobe and I noticed that I own a lot of really nice clothes that I rarely wear. Such a waste! I felt that it was time to come up with some new combinations, but I can always use some help with that. In my experience, other people always spark new ideas and can really inspire you to try something entirely different. While scouring Pinterest a couple of days later I noticed that my friend Linda ( had been pinning some film-related outfits. I loved them, and they made me think – I figured it would be pretty funny to have a couple of days a week on which you receive a theme and use that theme as a source of inspiration for that day’s outfit. I asked Linda, who was all up for it. We decided on two of these days a week – we each think of one theme, and are not allowed to buy new clothes for the challenge specifically.

Today marks Day 1 The theme Linda came up with was ‘Casual Cosplay’, so creat an outfit that is based on a fictional person (or concept). Now there are many options here, of course, but I picked an old favourite of mine – Lucius Malfoy, from the Harry Potter series. It seemed like a logical choice: my hair’s the right colour and I’ve always liked his style – lots of layers of rich, dark fabrics, fur details, subtle accessories (except of course for Snakey the Pimp Cane – nothing subtle about that one) and overall snooty rich guy class. You know, this guy: 

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Now the trick was to genderswap and convert that look into something office-appropriate. I also had the weather to consider – it’s still August and though it’s getting chillier outside, too many layers seemed like a bad idea. After due consideration I decided on the following outfit (beware of the amateuristic selfies):

10609294_10203978352594870_1979280274_n 10602859_10203978353754899_1467398060_n 10596004_10203978362675122_1656776691_n 10617468_10203978372275362_62127184_n 10617236_10203978355594945_916397133_n 10614047_10203978364675172_1359418920_n
In general, I’m really happy with the outfit! The dress was a hand-me-down from… Wow, I don’t even remember, and I had never worn it. But I think I will now! It’s really comfy and I like the way it drapes. I also think it combines well with the belt, which I’d only worn once before, too. I’ve had the shoes for years but rarely wore them, so when it comes to rediscovering my wardrobe I could say this day was a success. I’m less impressed with the outfit as a casual cosplay. It turned out to be pretty difficult to convert his Evil Rich Wizard style into something appropriate for a receptionist. Things would get really costume-ey really quickly. Also, I was disappointed with my collection of accessories – very low on snakes. So instead I decided to stick with black and silver, and added some green touches to keep the Slytherin vibe going, even though Lucius doesn’t sport greens that much.

I did have a good time last night while trying to find the best items to wear today. Not sure what Day 2 will bring yet – it’s my turn to think of a theme!


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