Outfit Challenge: days 2, 3 and 4

For shame! Whereas The Dutchess (at http://dutchess-linda.blogspot.nl/) loyally updates all of her outfits, here I am, doing a batch of ’em at once. There is room for much improvement, so here’s to that! I’m really enjoying the challenge, but I gave myself a bit of a headache with today’s. However, let me start out with last week’s challenge, Day 2. I had to pick a theme and chose ‘outfit inspired by a bird’. My choice for the day was the great spotted woodpecker: 



The outfit turned out to be a nice comfortable casual Sunday outfit (though I switched to black flat boots after a bit, the heels were killing me), but I’d totally wear it to work, too! I liked the red details and the skirt’s a definite favourite. Found it in a Dublin thrift shop for a couple € and keep coming up with more combinations with it. Not a bad find at all! 

Allright, moving on! Day 3 was last Thursday, the 28th. We had to find our inspiration in one of the four elements. Linda chose water, I chose earth: 


Another secondhand skirt! Loved the leafy pattern but the model’s a bit odd, so I usually wear it as a strapless dress. I wore a black infinity scarf with a beige/brown/’]green floral pattern with it. Like the combination of the loose skirt and sturdy boots and the overall Autumny-feel of the outfit. Definitely gonna wear this more often! The nights are getting longer already and my house was still fairly dark, so the phone photos didn’t turn out great. My apologies! I’ll be using my regular digital camera from here on. 

And here we are, August 31st. Today’s theme, my pick, was ‘The Casual Romantic’. I didn’t really think it through, though. The weather’s been really weird lately (hot&sunny one moment, rain&thunder one minute later) and we have a family barbecue today, so I’ll probably be outdoors a lot. None of the romantic flowery dresses I own and considered felt right (either too light for me to wear in the vicinity of barbecue sauce and ketchup, or I couldn’t find a right combination. In the end I settled for something safe and black, although I still think it’s a fairly romantic outfit. 


I like it! The yellow tights are very… yellow, but I can’t help loving them. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo’s, but I’m wearing a matching yellow crocheted hat. It’s not an office outfit, but very barbecue-appropriate I think. Now I’m going to dig up a raincoat and I’ll be off. That was it for now! See you all again on Thursday. 

Enjoy your weekend!             


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